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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
  Death of National Media imminent in few years John Kerry conceded on November 3rd, 2004. This election, when the dust settles will go down to history as an election that was rigged with fraud, manipulation and hacking of the vote.

However, on November 14, a New York Times editorial delivered the final verdict on what is now the conventional wisdom amongst media:

There is no evidence of vote theft or errors on a large scale. … There is also no way to be sure that the nightmare scenario of electronic voting critics did not occur: votes surreptitiously shifted from one candidate to another inside the machines, by secret software. It’s important to make it clear that there is no evidence such a thing happened, but there will be concern and conspiracy theories until all software used in elections is made public.

American mainstream media journalists are sheep mentality. Well let me be little more respectful to them and say they have IQ as nearly as Cows. No major media covered the Election 'red flags'. Either they failed to recognize it or deliberately ignored it.

A lot of Americans saw a clear disconnect between the exit polls, optical scanner machines favoring Bush and more. However the Internet, especially the bloggers, 1 man media operations, individual guys like myself who jumped in to fill in the gaps what New York Times, et. al. Could not provide. Cable and Dish changed the Television landscape for Network guys. The Blogosphere will do the same.

And that is my point.

Thursday, December 09, 2004
  Time to ask for a Re-vote in OH, FL & PA
Lets make the playing field fair and square. To ask for a re-vote in the whole country may be too expensive and too impractical. But the states that decided the white house in 2004 elections were Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

“Exit Polls to Protect the Vote"
- New York Times Martin Plissner
- October 17, 2004 WASHINGTON - Since the 1960's, the exit poll, that staple of election-night television, has been used along with other tools to declare winners when the polls close in each state, and its accuracy is noted later when the actual vote count proves it right. A landmark exception, of course, came in 2000, when the networks initially gave the decisive Florida vote to Al Gore. But now exit polls are being used in some places to monitor the official vote count itself, either to validate the outcome or to mount a challenge to it. That has happened in several countries in the last year, and in the United States one organization plans to use exit polls in five closely contested states in November to measure whether there have been impediments to voting. Last fall, an American firm, whose polling clients have included Al Gore and John Edwards, was hired by some international foundations to conduct an exit poll in the former Soviet republic of Georgia during a parliamentary election. On Election Day, the firm, Global Strategy Group, projected a victory for the main opposition party. When the sitting government counted the votes, however, it announced that its own slate of candidates had won. Supporters of the opposition stormed the Parliament, and the president, Eduard A. Shevardnadze, later resigned under pressure from the United States and Russia."

There is a lot of evidence of foul play in the 2004 elections. If the Republicans can show us that there has been a 'odd voting behavior' like machine counts for Kerry in a way high in Republican precincts or Republicans had to wait for 3-10 hours in their precincts compared to a democratic precincts in that geographic area then we will definitely take into account for annomality.

Exit poll results, analysis of data from Stephen Freedman and others that Bush had .002% to win both Florida and Ohio, thousands of voter intimidations, electronic voting machines are hacker friendly and the list goes on point to the fact something had gone wrong somewhere in the night of November 2, 2004.

Well, being a registered independent voter as I have had exercised my vote on Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Green Party candidates. I vote for the candidate whom I think can ‘deliver the goods’. I am socially liberal, progressive and fiscally conservative, believe in less government, less taxes and free trade. I am not asking for a revote in Ohio or Ohio and Florida. To ask for a nationwide re-election may be unrealistic and too expensive burden on taxpayers. All I am proposing is a revote in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Let Kerry come and fight in Pennsylvania too. Lets make the playing field even. Make sure the election is not rigged and no foul play occurs. Let the 300 million Americans pick up the tab for the re-election in these 3 states so we do not burden the taxpayers of these 3 states. That would be the price for a true democracy. This would legitimize us to preach the rest world that we are truly the second largest ‘fair’ democracy in the world.
Is this a fair deal?
Wednesday, December 08, 2004
  Rebuttal to "Conspiracy Theory" I noticed Mark Hyman who is the Vice President for Corporate Relations for Sinclair, from Sinclair Broadcasting write "The presidential election was over more than a month ago yet the three and a-half million-vote victory margin for George Bush is still not convincing enough for the Angry Left.They are still looking for evidence of conspiracies, of voting fraud and of proof that the election was somehow stolen."

This is what I had to say to Mark Hyman whose company Sinclair Broadcasting like Fox News forget that media has a moral responsibilty for "Fair and Accurate Reporting". Did I say 'moral responsibility'?Great are those who can rise above thier party color and vote for the candidate that is good for the country and the world at large.

Having said this.....

WHAT IF on November 2, 2004 the Exit Polls predicted Bush would win with 300+ electoral votes and Kerry actually won the election as President of United States.

WHAT IF the private companies(Diebold, ES&S, etc.) that count 95% of the votes were Kerry donors and one of them in a Democratic conventions said he will make "Kerry win in Ohio".

WHAT IF the Secretary of the State of State of Ohio put 1 voting machine in Republican counties for every 1,000 voters and 1 voting machine for every 187 voters in Democratic counties.

WHAT IF John Kerry's brother Cam was the Governer of Florida and Kerry was trailing by significant margin on the exit polls with Bush and when the votes were counted Kerry won.

WHAT IF there was an unlimited list of voter fraud stories in a state where Cam Kerry was Governer and in Ohio where a secretary of state was also the chairman of Kerry-Edwards campaign.

Will you not ask the question "What really happened and why did it happen?" Do you think the 'Neo Cons' would not have complained and not try to seek the truth. Do you think those in the 'Angry Right' would have accepted results and gone home quietly.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Dr. Martin Luther King.

And that's my Point.
Bando Bling is a blogger who is not motivated by the party lines. He blogs from California where he fights with facts.

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