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Monday, January 03, 2005
  January 6th 2005 can make or break the Democratic Party! Strike your hammer when the iron is hot!

The democrats from Howard Dean to other Democratic pundits had been scratching their heads as what went wrong on November 2, 2004 that their Presidential candidate lost. The answer still remains unknown. With speculations from moral values to war president never lost, the true analysis of Kerry loss may remain unknown for a long time.

Whatever the reasons maybe, 1 out every 5 voters in the Presidential election of 2004 believe there was some kind of fraud committed. That is a staggering amount given National media decided to collectively ‘black out’ the coverage. Even New York Times decided not to shoulder the responsibility of launching a full investigation on Ohio Voter Fraud. However, we saw the rise of the ‘next generation’ media, Bloggers! Series of blog sites came into the forefront to report the election fraud issues. Brad Blog is one such rising star in the making.

America is divided into two parts Democrats and Republicans. Be it Red State or Blue State the nation is still divided in more or less two equal political hemispheres. With 2 out of every 10 national voter today is convinced that there was election fraud. And the number skyrockets to 4 out of 10 Kerry voters believe that there was Fraud committed on election night. These are very serious charges, brought to light by series of circumstantial evidences. Reporting on this can be found all over the Internet.

The Democratic Party now stands at the threshold where it can make or break itself on January 6th. It can show that it is a strong party that is not afraid to ‘stand up for it’s people’ and their just causes. Bringing the ‘voter fraud’ in Ohio and Florida on January 6th, the party can regain respect not only from Democrats but from Republicans who feel themselves to be betrayed. However, if the Party like John Kerry fails to contest the Presidential Election 2004, the Senators will do a great damage to the future of their party. They will wrongfully ignore 40% of their party base. Half or more of this 40% base will not show up in the polling booths next year or 2008. Already a very fragile party will get fragmented. The Blue states will start evaporating!!

And that is my point!
As a once raging liberal, I note with some hilarity the left's furious slashing about, blaming and screaming about voter fraud, "stupid red state people", etc.; anything to take the blame off of themselves for having an ugly message.

Kerry had the whole of the 527 media with him, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, as well as the New York Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Seattle Times, Boston Globe, Portland Oregonian, Atlanta Constitution, The Guardian, London Times et al. With all of these well heeled and smoothly integrated propagandists working feverishly to massage the news to the public which they hate so, Bush still won the election! Civilization has not left us, despite the efforts of these round-shouldered weaklings! Leftists have a lot of nerve talking fraud!

I suspect these vile aforementioned weaklings secretly admire Saddam because they too wish they had his power to do what they would do. They cover for Stalin, love Castro, refuse to show Saddam's crimes, hide the mass murder of North Korea, The two million murdered Christians and anamists of Sudan are never spoken of, only the 80,000 Muslims of Darfor. The perps mentioned here are like the aforementioned weaklings' tougher older brothers.

The liberals are cowards and weaklings who wish they could do what their monster friends have done. Their message is one of class and race warfare, destruction of the family, mass murder of the unborn, mostly for convenience's sake, the elevation of me, me, me, and the destruction of imaginative thought in education and everywhere else.

They like buildings full of bureaucrats pontificating to the rest of us what to do and how to think.
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